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Miss Paige Michalchuck

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[22 Nov 2005|09:51pm]
Im going to take another 2 weeks off. I just started a new job and im not sure of what times ill be able to update but most likely still be on AIM! Thanks! But I will prolly make one more post before I take my 2 weeks so everything is up to date

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My heart was racing like a sprinter that tripped and fell [15 Nov 2005|09:17pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

So im staying with Craig for awhile. This is going to be funI feel like crying.. like all the time. I dont have anyone right now. Craig is always with Manny. I have no idea where Hazel is. Jimmy isnt talking to me. Marco is still gone on a trip. Im sick of being alone. But I guess being alone can do me some good. Maybe I can figure out some things for myself. Its going to be Craig and Paige time! Haha! But while Craig has been out ive been playing and watching Angie. Shes like my little sister now, I love her! Shes just the cutest thing ever! Then when im not doing that im doing my extra hours at work. Nothing to excitingI havent talked to my parents in about a week. They really dont care. And im not sure about Dylan, I dont even know if hes tried looking for me or anything. Hmph.. shows im really cared about. But im not going to whine.. Im going to be on my own soon and I kind of cant wait. So school, work, Angie+Craig+Joey, and cheerleading. Thats probably one of the three things keeping me totally sane. Well im going to go. I think I need a shopping spree right about now.


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[17 Oct 2005|07:16pm]
[I think im going to claim a mini break. Ive been so busy and tired lately. So give me about a week or 2 to get everything together. I love being Paige in this rp! Please dont cut me.! I will also still be on aim though if you guys want to rp still!!]
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You bet me [02 Oct 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Marco had me get one of these. Me following a trend huh? I usually dont but hey this is kind of cute. Well im Paige Michealchuck and I go to Degrassi. Im in the 12 grade and not single. I dated Spinner Mason for about a year or so. But he cheated on me with Manny Santos. So I dont speak with niether one of them. Now I am dating Matt. Yeah most of you know him as Mr.O and yes we did have a thing going on while he was teaching. But now that he isnt over at Degrassi we can tell everyone about us. And I love it.I was raped by Dean. Only my closest friends know about this. I was a mess after I lost my case. Just proves that Rapist Dean can get away with anything My best friends are Hazel, Ashley, Ellie, Marco, Jimmy, Craig and Alex. Im also on the Spirit Squad and Captain of the squad by the way. Well im gonna get going. Shopping is calling me. Bye huns!


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