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You bet me

Marco had me get one of these. Me following a trend huh? I usually dont but hey this is kind of cute. Well im Paige Michealchuck and I go to Degrassi. Im in the 12 grade and not single. I dated Spinner Mason for about a year or so. But he cheated on me with Manny Santos. So I dont speak with niether one of them. Now I am dating Matt. Yeah most of you know him as Mr.O and yes we did have a thing going on while he was teaching. But now that he isnt over at Degrassi we can tell everyone about us. And I love it.I was raped by Dean. Only my closest friends know about this. I was a mess after I lost my case. Just proves that Rapist Dean can get away with anything My best friends are Hazel, Ashley, Ellie, Marco, Jimmy, Craig and Alex. Im also on the Spirit Squad and Captain of the squad by the way. Well im gonna get going. Shopping is calling me. Bye huns!

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